Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

When guests visit me on the Big Island I always make sure that we visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.  I mean really, I live on an island where the potential exists to view molten magma.  How can I not take guests to a National Park where they can learn all about lava and volcanic activity?! The thing is, although I myself have been to the park about ten million kazillion times I still love to show it off!

I never have the same experience twice.  Volcano is tricky.  Sometimes it's gorgeous and sunny.  Sometimes it's misty and sunny.  Sometimes it's freezing cold and sunny.  Sometimes it's freezing cold and misty.

When I visited with my Cousin Rhiannon it was a little chilly, a lot windy and mostly sunny.  Yesterday when I visited with Travel Buddy it was freezing cold, raining with whipping wind.  Still fun!

The other thing is that the climate changes dramatically.  Yesterday, the viewing area around Halemaumau was miserable but as I descended the Chain of Craters Road the sun came out and the temperature increased by about 20 degrees.

My favorite things to do at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park:

Thurston Lava Tube, The Sulphur Banks, The Steam Vents, Chain of Craters Road (specifically viewing the sea arch and watching for sea birds living on the cliffs), Kilauea Iki, Jagger Museum and the Halemaumau lookout (which is currently featuring a glowing lava lake), and a pit stop at the Volcano Art Gallery (of course).


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