'She'll wait for ya' Clarified....

Nautie Friends! Don't worry!  I don't wait for my shipmates outside whorehouses! 

I got several concerned emails so I figured I should clarify a few things....

a) While aboard the vessel I work very hard to maintain my professionalism.  This isn't always easy because I have a touch of the crazy.  I laugh at inappropriate things, I have a bit of a temper, and I like to get to know my shipmates.  That being said, I feel quite confident that my watchstanders (and fellow officers) know that they can count on me to do my best as well, trust that I will provide reliable information and in general have good judgement.  I work at being fair and firm.

b) I sensor 90% of what occurs aboard my ship.  I do this for several reasons; I think it's important to maintain the anonimity of my shipmates; I think it is best for operational security if I don't divulge too much information; and lastly, most of it is far too crass!  Honestly, I knew at the time that this conversation might be a tad too risque for the blog - but I went for it because I have a sick sense of humor and thought it was funny.

c) I don't really wait for my shipmates outside of whorehouses.  I could probably tell you some crazy stories (I should probably rephrase that as can not could...) but, I will save them for later. 

d) When Travel Buddy and I hit the town we don't go to whorehouses.  I think Travel Buddy is waaaay too smart to suggest that I wait for him while he visits a painted lady.

So there you have it.  I'm respectably unrespectable!


On a sidenote....Rhiannon, I have the nicest room I've ever had.  I should probably take pictures of it to show you guys.  My room here is so far out of the norm it's not even funny!  I have a stateroom with a dayroom attached.  When you walk into my room you are in a 'sitting area' which is called a day room.  I have a desk, a lounge area (sofa with chairs) and a chart table (this was built by a previous second mate so He could work in the room).  The bedroom comes off the dayroom.  It's a bedroom - with attached bath.  I have a queen size bed (seriously, most racks on ships are smaller than a twin!) and a dressor.  It's quite luxurious for a Second Mate.  My room here is bigger than the Captains quarters of my last ship!  On most vessels people don't share rooms.  Sometimes, unlicensed will have to share a room but even that is becoming more rare.  I've never heard of a ship where officers had to share.  (I guess a tugboat or sailing vessel would be the exception to that rule.)