M.L.I.S.W :: She'll Wait For Ya

I may get in trouble for writing this one....but seriously folks, it was too weird not to post!  I often joke about how my life is so weird but, this conversation might take the cake.   I wasn't actually present for this conversation (seriously, I almost wish I was) - it involved Travel Buddy (TB) and AB.  (Actually, you are well acquainted with AB - he was AB1 here, and AB2 here and here - he's even had a few posts that feature just him - like right here.)

As with most M.L.I.S.W conversations this one is crass, politically incorrect and potentially offensive....just sayin'.

It went something like this.....

AB:  Travel Buddy, you ain't got no pussy this trip!

TB:  What?

AB:  You ain't got yourself no pussy this trip!

TB:  What do you mean?

AB:  You ain't been to see no whores?!

TB:  No....

AB:  Well, I guess you got the second mate all the time.....

TB:  What?  What do you mean?

AB:  Well, you're always going ashore with the second mate.

TB:  Ummmm...

AB:  I'm sure Meg would wait for you.

TB:  What?

AB:  If you wanted to go to the whore house while you were ashore....I'm sure Meg would wait outside....

(That is where the conversation as I know it ended....honestly, I have no idea how TB responded to THAT!  Ha.)

I have no idea what to think about this!  I'm not sure if it is a testament to my coolness - I mean, I'm almost flattered that my shipmates think I'll wait at whorehouses while they get laid - or if it a testament to the fact that I need to foster more ladylike behaviour.  (I think the fact that I can't decide what to think....and that I'm willing to entertain the notion that it makes me a great shipmate means I'm completely institutionalized and will never be able to gracefully return to polite society.)


(For any new readers....'My Life Is So Weird' is a phrase I coined when I was about fourteen and I was walking through life in a state of permanent mortification....I use the acronym 'M.L.I.S.W' to share bizarre and often times crass annecdotes from sea....hope you're not too offended!)