M.L.I.S.W :: Cannibals

I realize that I posted a 'My Life Is So Weird' episode very recently but, I've found that when I 'save' things for later they never get posted!  This one was just too absurd to not post!  

*This conversation began by discussing land values when purchased in large quantities*


AB1:  You can still buy land in West Virginiafor 50cents per acre!

ME:  Same in Maine!  Unreal!

AB1:  Yeah, but who would want to live in West Virginia with all that incest and all those cannibals?

ME:  Cannibals?

AB1:  Yeah!  There’s a pack of cannibals who live in the woods.

ME:  Really?

AB1:  Yes!  There are cannibals.

AB2:  Why would anyone want to eat someone?

AB1:  Because they’re cannibals!

AB2:  Why would you want to eat someone when you don’t have to?!

AB1:  Because they’re from West Virginia…and they’re cannibals!

AB2:  It’s against the law to eat people!

AB1:  It doesn’t matter to a West Virginian cannibal!

AB2:  Why would you eat people though?  There’s animals out there you can eat!!!!

AB1:  It’s what makes them a CANNIBAL!

AB2:  What?  Do they eat dead people?

AB1:  They kill people…and then they eat them.

AB2:  I just don’t get it….why would eat someone if you didn’t have to....

AB1:  Because they’re from West Virginia and they’re cannibals!

AB2:  No!  It’s not just West Virginia!  It’s everywhere!  There are sick muthafucka’s all over the world!  New York! New Orleans!

AB1:  Maybe in New Orleans with all those coon asses…but not New York City.

AB2:  You have serial killers everywhere!  Look at Dahmer!

AB1:  This is different!  These are cannibals not serial killers – and they live in West Virginia!

AB2:  Dahmer…he sure was a smart genius…


*I should note that by this time there were raised voices and flailing arms….and a lengthy conversation ensued...to discuss the merits of various serial killers….how smart they were and where they lived….I wandered into the chart room and began to write furiously*