M.L.I.S.W. :: Union Halls and The Clan

I had another one of those moments.  The kind of moment where I'm standing on the bridge in the middle of the night listening to my watchstanders talk and I think, 'Holy crap, my life is so weird!'. AB1:  I heard the Union Hall in Jacksonville is really nice.

AB2:  Yeah, I think they re-did it recently.

AB1:  I've never been there.

AB2:  I don't go to the hall in Jacksonville because that's where Clan headquarters is.

AB1:  Clan?  What Clan?

AB2:  THE Clan.

AB1:  Clan?  I don't know of no Clan.

AB2:  The KKK.  The Clan.

AB1:  I didn't think that existed anymore.

AB2:  The KKK?  Of course it exists!!!!  They're the K-K-K!!!!

AB1:  Yeah, but they're not powerful anymore.

AB2:  I dunno.....

AB1:  You know why they're not powerful right?

AB2:  Uuuh.....

AB1:  Because of the FBI.

AB2:  (Silence)

AB1:  Yessuh.  The FBI came in and broke all that shit up.

AB2:  Well, I'm not going to Jacksonville to find out.....