Feodosia, Ukraine :: No Shore Leave For Me

Feodosia (also known as Theodosia), Ukraine was a pretty quick stop.  I spent most of my time on the bridge while in port prepping for the next leg of our voyage.  I'm not complaining.  It felt good to get some work done.  I always work really well with a deadline - and a port stay has a built in deadline - so it works perfectly for me!  The highlight of the trip for me was getting a bar of dark chocolate when we were leaving port.  (I mentioned in my most recent Nautie Tidbits post that the Pilot gave me the chocolate in celebration of Womans Day.)

On a more academic note - it was an incredibly neat mooring evolution.  We backed into an offshore mooring station using our anchors.  We sent our lines out to four mooring buoys.  Attached to each mooring buoy was a metal thimble, our lines passed through the metal thimble (all three stern lines on one side of the vessel went through the same thimble).  While these lines were being tended the anchors were being adjusted - both of them at the same time.  Tres cool.

We left Theodosia and headed to Russian waters....where we wait....I'm not going to lie....I'm getting a little antsy.  Our next port will be my discharge port.  Woot woot.  (I'll probably talk more about this later....what it feels like to go home....it can be quite strange really....)

Catch ya later Nautie Friends!!!!




Since everyone knows I didn't only take four photos.....enjoy this gallery with more of the same!

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