Nautie Tidbits :: Procrastination, Chocolate and Hot Dogs

You know what always amazes me?  The amount of panic I feel when I realize that I'm about to receive travel instructions to depart the vessel.  You'd think after doing almost 90 days aboard I'd be counting down the days and would be expecting it.....and I am.....but then suddenly the Captain gives me an itinerary and it becomes real.....and then I think, 'Damnit Megan!  Why are you such a freakin' procrastinator?!'....and then, I run around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to tie up ten million loose that my relief doesn't think I'm a douche bag.  It happens every single time. You know what else happens a lot?  I get my travel plans for home and then they fall through.  Sometimes (as in this time) it feels like a relief when there is some sort of delay.  It means that I can regroup and catch my breath and tie up those loose ends! 

You know what the best kind of delay is?  The kind at anchor.  That's the kind I'm experiencing now.  Rushing from port, to port, to port allows zero time for loose end tying.

In a nutshell?  I got lucky.

Here are a few Nautie Tidbits....

  • Apparently International Woman's Day is a really big deal in the Ukraine.  The Women take four days off!  Four Days!  When the Pilot came aboard he asked the Captain, 'How many Womens do you have aboard?'.  The Captain replied, 'Two many!'.  (Get it?  There are two of us...)  Anyways, the Pilot ended up giving me a bar of really nice dark chocolate as a Woman's Day present!  Kinda cool!
  • When the Russian boarding party arrived to clear us for Customs they requested 'American Hot Dogs'.  It blew my mind.  Apparently they love American Weiners.....who knew?!
  • I was able to upload corrections to the electronic chart system with no error messages!  I can't even begin to describe what a success this was and how amazing it feels!  WIN!  I had been sending emails to everyone I could thing of....the supplier, the hydrographic offices, the manufacturers.  You know who finally solved my problem?  An old instructor.  Teachers are the best.
  • I didn't get ashore in the Ukraine - total bummer.  The good news is that Travel Buddy did go ashore....and he came back bearing gifts!  We officially have real beans on the bridge again!  The kind you can grind and use with the french press.  Yum-o!

Those, Nautie Friends are the highlights of my last 3 or 4 days.  I have more to share though!  There are photos on my computer!  (I know, I know, you're tired of hearing about it....)  Pictures soon!