Sunny Daze

You have to love a sunny day. Especially in the Pacific NW. Whenever there is a sunny day here I always think, 'I could live here...'. Then I think, 'Bad Megan, No!' and I try to remind myself how I felt two days ago when the rain wouldn't stop and the sky was grey and the air was cold. Anyways, what is the only thing people should do on sunny days? Why, go to the beach of course!

I spent all my summers in B.C. when I was growing up. My grandparents lived on a tiny little island and had a house right on the water. I used to play non stop....looking for shells, digging holes, finding strange creatures, chasing birds.....

Yesterday took me right back! I walked the shoreline getting squirted by clams until I finally gave in and dug one up. I found some live sand dollars. I found a fluorescent green shell. I played with seaweed - talk about natures camouflage. Best of all I watched a dog have fun. Dogs really know how to have a good time.

I hope you are all enjoying sunny days wherever you may be!!!!!