The Road Trip :: Kentucky

We sort of blew through Kentucky. We lallygagged through Pennsylvania and felt like we needed to make a little bit of time up.

Our only real stop was in Lexington where we took a walk through the Arboretum.  It was nice to get out of the car and stretch our legs!  We also made a stop in town to take pictures of older know me!  I love peeking in unsuspecting strangers windows!

Lexington was really pretty.  It was majorly a college town but, that didn't detract at all from it's gracefulness.

As we pulled into town there were people in blue everywhere.  When I say people in blue I mean a lot of people in a lot of blue.  Turns out the University of Kentucky had a basketball game going on.  These people had team spirit!

The Arboretum was clearly a well loved place.  Lots of joggers, lots of kids playing.  We loved it too.  It was right in the middle of town but very quiet.

Lexington had some kick butt older homes.  I mean truly kick butt!

Best part of our drive through Kentucky?  The hot pink sunset for sure!

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