Tired and Cranky.

I'm tired.  Very, very tired.  I'm also a little cranky.  Probably because I'm tired. It's blowing 50kts out - and it's raining.  The howling and pelting raindrops are so loud that I can't hear my music.

I'm totally out of clean clothes to wear with zero motivation to spend any time in the ships laundry.  I can think of ten million things I'd rather be doing....starting with taking a nap.

My nose got stuffy last night - probably because the house is like an igloo.  I'm currently drinking lemon and ginger tea with a spoonful of honey.  I also doubled up on my vitamins.  I'm too cranky to be sick!

I keep telling myself, 'Megan, choose!'.  If now is not the time to enact 2012's one word - when will it be time?  I know i'm wallowing slightly but, I also know that I can choose to stop wallowing. (I do however, wholeheartedly believe that every sailor is entitled to a couple of days of wallowing per rotation.)

Whenever I get this way I try to remember one of my all time favorite quotes:

ATTITUDE.  The difference between adventure and ordeal.

I'm not sure that could be any more true.

So today I will:

Choose a positive attitude; choose a nap; choose healthy options and ward off any sickness; choose my favorite long johns and bundle up; choose to sort the laundry to get a head start; and choose to take some photos to share with my Nautie Friends.