It felt like Christmas!

I had a friend of mine dispatch a goodie box.  I did a bunch of online shopping (tsk tsk - I know) and I sent all the items to her house.  She then consolidated it all and sent it out.  It had new work boots - which were PINK!  I was so excited about those boots....but it turned out that they were a little too big...which is one of the hazards of online shopping with no means of returning things.  I also got new work pants - I like Carhartts a lot.  I got TONS of tea - some decaf and some regular.  I got a bunch of trashy romance novels....I go for the smuttiest I can find.  I got some computer software.  She had sent a long a few homemade goodies as well - a laptop sleeve that was sooo beautiful! [gallery]

The day after I got my box I was withdrawn and moody.  I couldn't figure out what had me so bummed out!  Then I realized I was bummed because I knew there wasn't another box coming.  I had been looking forward to my box so much more than what was actually in the box!  It felt like there was nothing to keep me going - nothing to look forward to.  It just goes to show it's the little things in life.  I rallied and I went for a walk out on deck.  I did a couple laps around the ship and on one of my last laps I saw a dolphin....and I decided that seeing dolphins was just as cool as getting a box (but I think I was just trying to make myself feel better - I'm already planning my next box).