A couple of nights ago I stepped out onto the bridge wing and there was a large halo around the moon.  It was by far the most spectacular halo I've ever seen.  Halo's are caused by moonlight refracting off ice crystals in the upper atmosphere.  I grabbed my camera thinking it would be futile but boy was I wrong! 

After I realized I was actually going to be able to get some photos I went crazy. 

With so much moonlight I was even able to snap a photo of Orion!  

 I ran up to the flying bridge and layed on the deck to get our mast in a shot.  Because the camera was on such a slow shutter speed you can see the arc our radar left next to the mast.

The clouds combined with moonlight and stars made it look shimmery and kind of nebulous like the milky way.

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What a night!