[gallery] We just left Kuwait after a brief port stay.  We docked at the Sea Island which is a little out of our norm.  It was an interesting docking with a brisk wind coming from dead astern and a gorgeous sunset.  The Pilot was a very friendly fellow.  This morning we left much earlier than expected.  I threw on my boiler suit (which is what I wear when I'm too tired to figure out how to match my clothes) and dragged myself up to the bridge.  We had the same friendly fellow who was bright eyed and bushy tailed.....AND HE HAD BROUGHT ME A PRESENT!  It was in a beautiful handmade paper bag.  It was a little acrylic diamond that had Kuwaiti crude oil in the center.  The diamond has a stand so that you can prop it up and admire it more easily.  The Pilot also brought the Captain some traditional sweets which we got to munch on.  Normally I leave Kuwait thinking 'whew!  We're outta here!' but today I left thinking 'wow!  I got a present!'.....it was great.