M.L.I.S.W :: Violent Tendencies

While on watch this afternoon I got to talking with my watchstander about another ship....which lead to talking about how awful this ships Captain was... AB:  I don't have too many violent tendencies anymore...but, if I did....this is the kind of guy that I would attack immediately upon seeing.

ME:  -blank stare-

AB:  There are probably about three people I'd attack immediately.  One of them beat up my best friend who is a chick.  If I ever see that guy again I'll for sure kill him.

ME:  -blank stare continues-

AB:  Actually, if I saw this Captain, I'd probably just slap him really hard across his face...

ME:  Silently thinking, 'note to self:  this guy has violent tendencies' and wondering, 'does that mean he's psycho?'...


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