M.L.I.S.W :: Olivia Newton John

At sunrise the sailors on the bridge do sanitary. This means they sweep, mop, clean windows, tidy and re-stock the coffee mess and give the head a good cleaning. 

Lots of times they like to get started just before it gets light so they can knock off a little early.  

This morning it was just getting light. I was maneuvering for fishing boats and one of the sailors starts to clean the head (the John for any who are confused). I've got my headlamp on and am sipping coffee and am using binoculars to spot lights in the haze.  

One of the sailors comes out of the head with a scrubby and some 409 (the other sailor is on the bridge wing acting as lookout - I have a two man watch in these congested waters).  

Sailor, scrubby in hand:  you know who's fine? 

I turn around with a blank stare.  

Sailor:  Olivia Newton John

I maintain my blank stare.  

Sailor:  She's so fine. I'd do her. She's haaawt!  I love her.  

Me:  oh yeah... 

Sailor:  yep.  

Then he goes back in the head and keeps scrubbing.