Nautie Books :: The Scorpio Races Wrap Up

water horse Some of my favorite moments in The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater...

Sean:  "Instead I remember him as he was before the race:  afraid.  I won't make that same mistake."

Puck:  "She is my are and my best friend, and I keep waiting for something bad to happen to her, because I love her too much."

Puck:  "I didn't actually realize there wasn't much to the island until a few years ago, when I started reading magazines."

Puck:  "Actually, I know different.  And it's still enough."

Puck:  "The kitchen has turned into the small, yellow place that it becomes at night when the darkness outside presses it smaller."

Puck:  "I add, hurriedly, "Sir," because Dad once said that saying "sir" makes gentlemen out of ruffians."

Puck:  "Mum liked to say that some things happen for a reason, that sometimes obstacles were there to stop you from doing something stupid."

Sean:  ""You look in fine spirits."  "Do I?"  "Well, your face looks like it remembers a smile," Holly Says."

Puck:  ""Don't expect them to be friendly to you, Puck," Peg Gratton tells me, as if Elizabeth's not there.  "A lot of them consider a girl on the beach bad luck.  They won't be happy to see you."  I press my lips together.  "I don't need them to be friendly.  Just need them to let me go about my business."  That would be a kindness," Peg says."

Puck:  "Because it doesn't matter how brave I've been or how brave I will be.  It only took a casual handful of minutes to convince everyone here that I don't belong on the beach."

Puck:  "You sure don't like to do anything the easy way, do you?" "I didn't know," I start truthfully, "that it was the hard way when I started on it."

Sean:  "But that's part of this, the not knowing.  The surrender to the possibilities beneath the surface."

Puck:  "I had thought, for some reason, that being one of the riders in the Scorpio Races would get me a bit more respect, but it's ever surprising, the things that don't change."

Sean:  "Corr can hold a thousand things in his heart and reveal only one of them on his face, like he did earlier today.  He is so very like me."

Puck:  "I'm careful to close the gate as I found it, because I'm aware it's the worst crime on a farm to do otherwise."

Sean:  "Her expression is fierce and uncompromising, full of the intrepid bravery of a small boat in an uncertain sea.  Above us is the same full moon that lit the ocean all those nights ago."

Puck:  "I think, possibly, that this island has begun to get its hooks into him, and this makes me like him even more.  Anyone Thisby chooses to seduce can't be half-bad."

Puck:  "But mostly I think about the way he looks at me - with respect - and i think that's probably worth more than anything."

Sean:  "May the ocean keep our brave."

Sean:  "Do you know what to wish for now?"  I swallow.  I have no wishing-shell to throw into the sea when I say it, but I now that the ocean hears me nonetheless.  "To get what I need."


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When I picked up this book I was expecting it to be good.  What I wasn't expecting was to be so highly invested in Puck.  I felt like she was a fresh Third Mate on an oil tanker for her first rotation.  I wanted her to succeed - so, so badly - and she did.  When Sean was introduced I wanted him to not be a pushover trying to get the girl - and he wasn't.

I liked this book but, more importantly, I liked the people in it!

I enjoy YA but, this, this book could be enjoyed by anyone.