Here's the Sitch

...and by sitch I mean:  Situation. I have waaaay more photos from my trip home.  I can't NOT post photos of Hilo.  It just feels sacrilegious.  I also can't just cram them all into one post - I mean, where's the fun in that?!  So gear up for seeing them every now and then!

Day Two in Hilo began with a quick jaunt down to Coconut Island.

Coconut Island is Hilo's picnic GO TO.  In fact, it's such a go to place that on the weekends you may be hard pressed to find a blanket spot!  There is usually an impromptu game of some sort on the large lawn - touch football, volleyball, or maybe even soccer.  There is an old tower that is the perfect place to launch yourself like a canon ball into the water.  It's the perfect place to go fishing with the kids.  There are some pavilions for covered parties as well but, you better book these early - they go fast!  In fact, I had a really fun birthday party there when I was a kid.  All that goodness set aside, the best part of Coconut Island are it's views of Hilo Bay!







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