Nautie Tidbits :: Quinoa and Boats

I'd love to say I'm sorry for the lack of posts....but.... I've just been having too much fun!

Since I've been 'away' for awhile I figured the best way to get caught up would be to share some photos from my phone....because honestly my iPhone has been my go to girl lately - Big Bertha has been spending too much time at home.


1.  I spent a day on the couch (what?  I'm on vacation!) and I decided that I'd go to my neighborhood variety store for a pizza (now you're jealous).  As I was getting out of the car there was a little girl parking this sweet ride right in front of the shop.  I was instantly jealous and decided that I had to take a picture.

2.  Sampling my homemade toothpaste.  I was thinking of saving this tidbit for a post of its own but alas, time is getting away from me.  Let me just say - it was better than I thought it would be!

3.  Boat shoe wearing in March?  Yes, please!  When I stepped off the plane in Maine (that rhymed....and made be giggle because even in my head as I was typing I was saying, 'the rain in spain'....heehee) it was over 70 degrees out!  I was wearing shorts and slippers!  Sadly, it was incredibly short lived.  I did however; get to ride on a boat in my sassy little Sperry Topsiders with friends who are also sassy Sperry wearers.

4.  Aforementioned boat.  Don't be jealous.

5.  I got my hair cut and colored.  I sat down and said, 'you can do anything you want as long as it all goes up in a pony tail'.  (Anyone who has tried to secure an anchor in the middle of the night with hair that is just slightly too short for a pony knows that they will never, ever have hair too short for a pony again!)  The sylist says, 'I think we need to give you a more mature length'.  To which I responded, 'You mean, you don't think I should have hair that makes me look like a sixth grader who loves horses?'.......and then she cut off six inches.  (I'm still deciding if this should count as my 'something sassy' on my 30x30 list (#8).  I decided I'd wait till I'm home in Hilo to run it past my Mom first.)

6.  I made a Quinoa salad.  With beets, oranges, almond slices and mint topped with honey goat cheese.  I personally thought it was quite yummy.  Please note that next to the dish of quinoa is an orange goodness.  Hells yah.  Funny story about the Quinoa (welll...I guess I'll let you be the judge on the funny factor).  I was having trouble with the ratio of Quinoa to water - I was following the instructions of a recipe that I had found online but was modifying.  My housemate walked in and I decided to ask her opinion.  She was all - just do the same thing you do when you're cooking rice....and then I was all - who the hell knows how to cook rice in a pot?!  Don't you have a rice cooker?!  Seriously folks.  Who doesn't own a rice cooker?!  My Mom doesn't because she thinks cooking in aluminum is terrible.....valid enough reason.  I however; bought trader joes rice in little bags that I can microwave because the thought of cooking rice in a pot makes me cringe.  If you've never used a rice cooker I seriously recommend it.  (I was going to write a whole post about this...aren't you glad I didn't?!)

7.  The yummiest breakfast burrito ever.  I thought it was so yummy that I actually emailed a photo of it to TravelBuddy.

8.  This is my friends dog named Diego.  As far as dogs go I like this one a lot.  This is his little toy named Elmer.  My friend will say, 'Diego, go get Elmer!'.  I can't tell you how funny I thought this was.

9.  Confession:  I'm addicted to Gossip Girl.  I know, right?!  What's wrong with me?!  This show is completely bizarre.  Realizing young women around the world are watching this is frightening.  The thought that some of these young women are too young to discern the show is complete fiction and grossly unrealistic is even more frightening.  That being said, it's Netflix crack - don't ever, ever watch even one episode.

*I realize that this Nautie Tidbit post might be a little long but, dang! it feels great to be sorta caught up!

Sidenote:  Thanks to all of you who 'liked' me on Facebook!  I'm still figuring out how to more fully integrate it with my blog but, in the meantime check in every now and then for random Tidbits!