Ash & Anchor + Megan the Nautie Mermate = LOVE

Pavo and Sunshine You know that feeling when you find something you love and you want to buy many, much, more?  You want to use it all the time and you want everyone else to know how much you love it.  More importantly you want everyone else to have it and love it too!

ASH AND ANCHOR SCARVES ARE THIS THING THAT WE SHOULD ALL LOVE!  (and Nautie Friends it's your lucky day!)

I had been oohing and aahing over Ash & Anchor scarves for a long time.  I would look at all the pretty designs and think, 'I think this is a need not a want, right?'.  I've actually talked about them on the blog a lot too!  (See here and here and here.)

Finally, I said:  Treat 'Yo Self!

When my Pavo Scarf arrived in the mail it was packaged beautifully - with a hand written note - which my Grandmother would have majorly approved of.

handwritten note

I immediately took it on a few trips.  Vegas, Austin, Seattle and, Vancouver were all just slightly more enjoyable with Pavo along.  On my Seattle / Vancouver trip the weather was a strange mix of warm and cold - sunny and drizzly - Pavo was perfect for this.

Listen, when you have a scarf that looks good in a bag you know you've found a winner!

pavo in my bag

We talk a lot about travel accessories around here.  What our travel 'must-haves' consist of.  Where we like to go and what we like to wear when we go there.  We talk about looking fancy when we feel anything but.  We also talk about things that just make sense....and are lovely at the same time.

Traveling with Pavo was lovely...and made sense.  It rolled right up into my purse.  I wrapped Big Bertha up in it and threw her in my bag.  I pulled it up over my head when I was freezing on the plane.  I cleaned my sunglasses lenses with it.  I zipped my jacket up over it when I was freezing in Vancouver.  Lovely I tell you, Lovely.

Here's the good news:

Nina Glaser of Ash & Anchor has been so kind as to give a Veda Scarf to one lucky reader!


Nautie Friends, I'm so incredibly honored that Nina has gifted a Veda Scarf to this humble blog.  I'm also incredibly excited that one of you are going to be cruising around town in style!

Here's what you can do to make this lovely yours: 

  • Post a comment.  Tell us your favorite travel destination and your must have travel accessory.  We love travel stories around here!  Have you had an adventure that you'd like to re-tell?  Now's your chance!
  • We love us some social media.  Tweet it up!  Facebook your Friends!  Instagram this amazingness!
  • Tell everyone you know.  You have a blog?!  Perfect!

One week from now (that would be 09 Aug) I'll pull a name from a hat.  Posted a comment?  That's a slip in the hat.  Sent a tweet out into the twitterverse?  That's a slip in the hat.  Invited a new reader to the blog who is sly enough to drop your name?  That's a slip in the hat!  

Was I right, or was I right?


Can't wait to read about where you've been and what kind of shenanigans you've gotten up to!  Can't wait to see you kicking around the interwebz!  Can't wait to meet some new friends!

You can find me on Instagram @nautiemermate (sorry can't link up to Instagram on the ship) - I tweet away @nautiemermate - I'm alive and well at Megan the NautieMermate on Facebook.